We offer our customers:

Accounting services

Auditing services

Property management services

For our customers, we are able to provide advice and assistance from the very first steps of establishing a company, organising accounting, applying for a bank loan for the purpose of purchasing commercial real estate as well as its further administration and management (including rent calculation). Even more so, we also cooperate with several law offices and are sure to be helpful in providing assessments or evaluations related to finances and support in various court proceedings.

Our services are targeted towards customers who value a personal approach and a professional level of service. Since the wishes and needs of each customer are unique, our plans of activities and the price offerings are always tailored to the requests of each individual customer.

We have 10 years of experience in the fields of accounting, auditing and property management. Moreover, our team also has the necessary qualifications and licences for providing the aforementioned services. We communicate in Estonian, Russian and English and consultation as well as reporting is carried out in the same languages. We are also capable of communication in Finnish should the need arise.